September 2021


AnorMal - by Luis Galan
Best Film
- Best Documentary
- Best Human Rights

Smoking Kills - by Steven Luchel 
- Best Drama
- Best Structure
- Best Concept 

Mask Shifter - by Bruno Miguel Resende
- Best Dark Film

Sonata for a Calendar - by Carmen Rosa Vargas 
- Best Silent Film
- Best Score

The child is Hiding in the Woods - by Francesco Maffei 
Best Child Actor [Pietro Maffei]
- Best Thriller
- Best Mobile Film

 Louie [KR.ONE] Gasparro 5POINTZ - by Eirini AAlligiannis 
 Best Urban Art

 Milk Fit - by Vilma Kartalska 
 Best Mobile Micro Film

 Bucky - by Geoffrey Gould
Best Short Film
- Best Comedic Ensemble Cast
- Best Comedic Writer [Geoffrey Gould]     

A City in Chaos - by Lisa Tuvalo
Best Social Drama
- Best Actress {LaTonya Blue]

Father's Time - by Ashton K. Bracciodieta
- Best On-Screen Duo [Dave Mackey and Anthony Consolo]
- Best Coloring
- Best Director 

Shadowland - by Bellopropello 
- Best Animation

No Fitness - No Love - by Yuiir Maslak and Olga Tugaeva
-  Best Silent Comedy

Showreel Henk Brugge 
- Best Versatile Actor

Housewarming - by Martin Lloyd 
- Best Student Film
- Best Ensemble Cast

The Reflection - by Philip Brocklehurst 
- Best Experimental Sound Design

Apocalypse - by Roberto Loiacono 
- Best Editing
- Best Ensemble Cast
- Best Concept
- Best Make-up 

Online Love -  by Blue Dragoon MF 
Best Mobile Documentary

Manasanamaha - by Deepak Reddy
- Best Romantic Comedy
- Best Creative Producer [Sulochana Surapu]

Showreel Ronny Dunson 
- Best Action Actor

Queen of Spades - by Pedro Salvado
- Best Musical Video [Andre Brito]

A Serpent by the Nest - by Brandon Lazenko
- Best Director [Brandon Lazenko]
- Best Cinematography
- Best Actor [Jerome Hume]
- Best Featurette Film

 Stroke of Midnight - by Niclas Ribbarp
 Best Art Production
- Best DP [Andre Rignell]
_ Best Dramatic Writer [Henrik Norman]

 Once upon a time there was a Covid - by Giuseppe Arcieri 
- Best Emerging Director [Giuseppe Arcieri]

Geimu - by Dorian Goto Stone
Best Poster
- Best Costumes
- Best Choreography

Nafiri - by Mohammad Sadegh Ghahremani
- Best Drama
- Stellar Actor 

Dark Directions - by Justin d. Hodge 
- Best Supporting Actress [Robegiene Farinas]
- Best Parody

Coach Julia - by Katarzyna Adamus 
Best Supporting Role [Nyall Bolam]

Coronantine - by Bruno Miguel Resende
- Best Mobile Experimental

Ecclesiastes by Lola Rui
- Best Micro Film
- Best Ensemble Cast
- Best Sci-Fi
- Best Trailer

Mugging - The Art of Social Distancing - by Dave McGrath
- Best Comedy
- Best Covid Film
- Best Supporting Actor [Ron Liguori]

Sabor a Ti - by Adriana Andrea Morey 
- Best Concept
- Best Trailer

The Black League of Superheroes - by Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm, steven Alan Davis, Joe Chacon
- Best Stuunt Acting
- Best Comic Action

Echoes of Kerberos - by Ross Kolton
- Best Psychological Drama



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